Providing a support system to the healthcare professionals in the Dayton, Ohio area.

**Corporate Membership is closed for 2018

Corporate Sponsor Guidelines

PAHCOM values its Corporate Members as a win-win relationship. The corporation is able to establish itself with medical office managers in the area and to learn what is going on in our community. The members are able to learn about what these corporate members have to offer and to use them as a valuable resource.

Corporations may become members of the National PAHCOM organization. This does not give them membership in the local Dayton Chapter; corporations must become members of the local chapter in addition to National in order to receive the local benefits. However, membership in the Dayton Chapter is independent and does not require National membership.

To qualify for a corporate membership, the company must market products or services to the Miami Valley area medical community; excluding patient care.

An active corporate member of PAHCOM is entitled to:

  1. Designate up to 4 employees at the time of application to participate in PAHCOM activities. Membership remains with the corporation.
  2. The attendance of 1 member of your company at the open membership meetings. Due to the small meeting room, please have only one member in attendance at each meeting. This excludes seminars and special events that are open to non-members.
  3. Access to the membership list for the sole purpose of professional use.
  4. One free ticket to the Annual Installation Event.
  5. Sponsorship listed on the local Dayton Chapter PAHCOM website. You must provide your business card in pdf format to the Chapter President.
  6. Priority given as a vendor at our annual seminar.
  7. The opportunity to be a Highlighted Breakfast Vendor at one of the members’ monthly meeting. A vendor may provide breakfast at one of the membership meetings. This vendor is responsible for providing breakfast, including beverages. The secretary can be notified to determine estimated number of attendees. In exchange, the vendor may have 5 minutes to briefly introduce themselves to the members and hand out marketing materials.
  8. Throughout the year corporate members may be given the opportunity to be sponsors at various PAHCOM events. This provides opportunities for marketing your products and services.

Corporate Membership is $100 for the 2018 calendar year. Membership runs per calendar year. Membership renewal is payable by January 31 of each year. An application must be completed each year and submitted to the Membership Director.

**Corporate Membership is closed for 2018

Corporate Sponsor Application

Fill out the application and mail it back to us to begin your corporate sponsorship!
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Current Sponsors

The members would like to thank our Corporate Sponsors. These sponsors provide valuable information to our members regarding product and services offered in our community. In addition to their financial support to the Dayton Chapter, many offer discounts to PAHCOM members. Please contact these sponsors to find out how they can help you and your practice.